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Accessible Air Travel with CanWest Air

Accessibility Policy

Commitment to meeting our passenger needs

CanWest Air is committed to providing equity of access and opportunity for all passengers, including those with disabilities.  Our company policy includes compliance with all applicable regulations, and a goal of continual improvement in all areas.

CanWest Air offers an Accessibility Plan compliant with the applicable regulations improving accessibility for passengers with disabilities. The plan aims to identify and reduce barriers in our facilities and during all aspects of the flight experience for all passengers by ensuring:

  • All persons are treated with dignity and respect. Each person is treated as a person, not a disability.

  • All persons have options available and are able to make informed choices regarding their needs and support requirements

  • Efforts will be made to identify, reduce and remove barriers to allow for equal opportunities to all passengers and clients

  • A commitment to consulting with persons with diverse needs regarding improvements to accessibility

  • A commitment to provide methods for passenger and client feedback, and to act on their feedback in a timely manner to continually improve our accessibility opportunities in a meaningful way, guided by the community.

Help us make your flight experience great

In order to accommodate guests with disabilities, we ask that any charter requests identify any unique needs of their passengers to us during the initial charter booking contact. Any passengers with unique needs that are flying with us are asked to reach out as early as possible and let us know what challenges might arise, and share any preferences in accommodations we can make, and to help us create a custom flight plan to make your experience the best we can.

Accessibility Plan 

Alternate Formats

CanWest Air understands that access to our accessibility plan in alternate formats is required to accommodate diverse needs. Passengers and clients can request our plan in the following formats:

  • Print copies of the plan in the link above

  • Large Print formats, electronic or physical copies (standard available in 16pt, sans serif font unless otherwise requested)

  • Braille

  • Audio

  • Other electronic formats compatible with adaptive technology

Please request these alternate formats through one of the communication channels listed below. We are committed to fulfilling requests for print or large print formats within 15 days, and within 45 days for braille, audio or other electronic formats. We encourage our passengers and clients to communicate any specific formatting needs, and will work with them to accommodate each individual’s request and preferences.

Feedback, inquiries or concerns

We value the opinions and insights of our customers and clients, and welcome feedback as a method to continually improve our passenger experiences.

If you have and feedback, suggestions, concerns or inquiries regarding accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact our team at the following:


Phone: 1-866-849-5353

Mail:     Attn: Safety Management System

119. 1519-35 Avenue East

Edmonton International Airport, AB, T9E 0V6

Accessibility: About
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