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CanWest Air:

Medevac Specialists

CanWest Air has a special focus on Air Ambulance Services.

We operate a fleet of King Air's and Grand Caravans specially equipped to perform Medevac work

Our experienced team has the ability to convert a regular King Air or Caravan into a state of the art Air Ambulance aircraft, with many custom modifications available

Custom Air Ambulance Modifications

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BZ-2 lifeport and arch.jpg
Bariatric 1.jpg

Bariatric Solutions

CanWest Air has designed, received engineering approval for, and implemented a safe and effective system for the comfortable loading and transportation of bariatric patients up to 850lbs.

CanWest Air also has a reduced capacity solution for larger patients of up to 450lbs that do not require complete configuration changes.

Bariatric 2.jpg
wing locker, load ramp and lift leg.jpg

Medevac Equipment Storage and Patient Handling Equipment


Raisbeck Wing Lockers

Custom Load Ramps

X-Lift Air Ambulance Lift Assist Legs

Heavyweight LifePort "Arch" Upgrades

BZ-2 exterior.jpg
250 strage_edited.jpg

Custom Aft Storage Cabinets
Overhead Brownline Tracks
Medical Equipment Quick Connect Mounts
Secondary Cargo Nets

BZ-2 looking in from cabin door.jpg

Upgraded Heavyweight Lifeport Equipment Arch

Caravan medevac.jpg

Remote and Unimproved


Our Caravans are equipped to offer EMS-ALS services at remote locations and unimproved runway conditions

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