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Our Fleet

Fleet: Projects
CanWest Air's B300C

King Air 350

The King Air 300C (Also known as the B350) is a twin engine turboprop, capable of travelling over 3000km between fuel stops. The B300C is a Cargo Door version, offering a standard air stair door as well as an impressive 52 inch wide cargo door. Based in Edmonton, CanWest Air utilizes the B350C exclusively for Air Ambulance Operations, and has custom retrofitted the aircraft to accommodate both standard medevac services as well as a specialty bariatric patient configuration, with a capacity of transporting up to 850lb bariatric patients. Adding to the diversity of the role, the B350 is capable of simultaneously transporting two NICU specialty stretchers and a full specialty NICU support team.

CanWest Air’s B350 has also been equipped with new composite Raisbeck swept 5-bladed propellers, adding to the aircraft climbing and cruising speeds as well as take off and landing performance, while decreasing the sound impact on the occupants. These new propellers also come with added service life between overhauls, making them an ideal kit to compliment medevac services. 

CanWest Air's B250GT

King Air 250

One size smaller than the B350C, The King Air 250 line is also a pressurized, twin turboprop aircraft. CanWest Air currently operates 7 B250GT, and 1 B250CGT (Cargo Door equipped) aircraft. Flying with the latest Proline Fusion Avionics package, the B250 fleet complements the B350 in offering Air Ambulance availability across the province of Alberta.

CanWest Air’s B250 fleet has been retrofitted with the Centex Halo gross upweight kits, bringing a higher take off and landing weight and increased range with larger payloads. 

All of our King Air 250 fleet is equipped with the Raisbeck Epic Platinum upgrade, featuring crown wing lockers for storage, enhanced performance leading edges, dual aft body strakes for improved control and comfort at high altitude, as well as conversion to the Raisbeck 5 blade swept propellers, further increasing performance ability of this versatile aircraft. Our King Air  aircraft with high floatation landing gear also has received the Raisbeck enclosed landing gear door upgrade, improving both performance as well as safety through greater brake de-icing performance. These Raisbeck upgrades improve the climb, cruise performance, fuel economy, decrease cabin sound levels and decrease both the take off and landing distances on our fleet of King Airs. 

CanWest Air's C208B

Cessna Grand Caravan

The C208B is an unpressurized, single engine turboprop, with the ability to successfully operate from a variety of unimproved surfaces.

CanWest Air has a three-aircraft Caravan fleet. All of our Grand Caravans are equipped with AeroAcoustics Payload Extender Systems for greater carrying capacity and range extension, high output Boom Beam HID landing and taxi lights for greater hazard detection and SkyTrac Satellite tracking for increased safety. Our Caravans have a variety of configurations, from Executive Charter, to Aerotwin folding passenger seats, to Cargo or mixed combination of cargo and passenger loads for ultimate configuration versatility. Our fleet of Caravans feature a combination of Garmin avionics suites, from G650/750 through to G1000 Nxi platforms. 

The CanWest Air Caravan Fleet conducts passenger charters, cargo work including mail, forestry, and groceries, as well as BLS medevac services to unimproved “patch” airstrips in North-Western Alberta, and can operate on forestry charters from any forestry base in the province.

CanWest Air's U206

Cessna 206 Stationair

The Cessna 206 is a single piston engine aircraft that formed the utility backbone of our Northern Fleet. The fleet of 4 aircraft includes U206E, F and G models, denoting differences in models produced over the years.

The Cessna 206 Fleet are the half ton trucks of aviation. Not too fast, not too slow, capable of a sizeable load but equally able to carry as many as 5 passengers plus the captain, these machines are the workhorse of the North.

Chartered out for passengers or cargo, patient transportation, mail, groceries, forestry smoke patrols and crew movements, the Cessna 206 can be configured between roles in minutes by our trained flight crews  and can quickly be ready for dispatch in any role.

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